Thursday, May 29, 2008

Getting to know an (almost) 3 year old

Ian's birthday is coming up on Monday and he couldn't be more excited to turn 3. Nate and I decided to interview our almost-3-year-old over dinner tonight...

Name: Ian (which he says EEEaaaan)

Age: 2

Favorite color: yellow

Favorite food: noodles (pronounced noo-nos) and shrimp

Favorite fruit: strawberries

Favorite veggie: carrots

Favorite game: bowling

Favorite animal: doggie

Favorite book: Little Quack's bedtime

Favorite thing about your big boy room: paint

Favorite movie/show: Mickey Mouse

Favorite friend: Nate

Favorite thing to do at a playground: Climb the ladder

Favorite ice cream flavor: rainbow

Favorite song: Quack Quack (really called Thus Quacked Zarathustra)

Favorite toy to play with: Shake and Go crash cars

Favorite thing to sleep with: Loveys! (see picture for Ian's infamous Loveys - little know fact: Ian is a night time only thumb sucker and loveys are the key- thanks TP!)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day and Cousins

The boys and I headed to Seattle for a quick trip over Memorial Day weekend. Dave had to stay behind to work! Sunday afternoon we headed to Emerald Downs to watch some horse racing - it was so fun! The boys had fun betting on horses with cool names like Lil Squirt and Me o me o my. Ian always picked horse number 2, regardless of it's name. His strategy worked well - I think his horse was in the top 3 every time. Nate, not so much. He was great at picking the fourth place finisher which pays nothing! Monday morning we had fun bowling at a really hip bowling alley in South Center. Sad to say, the kids scores rivaled that of the adults.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Graduation Day!

Ready to go
Bug masks
Teachers Laura and Shannon
The Fab 5 - Mia, Oliva, Nate, Joe, Finn - they were together in all 3 classes - 2 1/2's, 3's, 4's.
Each child made a masterpiece - Nate's is called "My Home"
Nate graduated from Valley Christian Preschool today! It was bittersweet - we don't live in the area of the school so he won't be moving on to elementary with most of his classmates (well, he wouldn't anyway since Holy Trinity is private, but still...) They had a ceremony where the kids paraded in wearing 'bug masks' and sang "There ain't no bugs on me" followed by "Goodbye my friends." A slide show and diplomas followed.

In other news, we had kindergarten round-up on Monday, and Nate is more excited than ever to go to school.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good Eyes

For anyone following along: Tuesday Nate and I went downtown see Dr. Aazy A. Aaby, a Pediatric Ophthalmologist, (interesting name for a white guy who went to school in Ohio; Dave concluded his parents must have been hippies) for a follow up to the miserably failed eye exam at the five year old check up.
This was the whole kit and kaboodle - same eye exam that an adult would have except when there were objects to identify, there were things like car, bird, horse, cake rather than the tumbling E. He had his eyes dilated (a bit traumatic but we survived). They tested him for acuity, focus, tracking, depth perception, color vision,etc.
We are happy to report that he passed with flying colors. No problems, perfectly normal 5 year old vision.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sunday School

Nate was just getting dressed. His shirt has a T Rex and says "fossil hunter". He says to me, "Mom, do you know who else are fossils?" Who? I say. "Jesus' helpers, they're fossils."

He meant Apostles.

I guess Sunday school may be paying off.

Anyone need a bath?

Push up pops: $3.00

Stainstick: $3.79

Getting sticky on a hot day: Priceless

Ian's Outerspace Room Pics

Finally pics of the room. 99% complete.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

State Cup Soccer

Our babysitter extraordinaire, Kayla, was playing the State Cup Championship game of soccer today. Nate and Ian were so excited - they made signs and ran around all morning shouting "Go Kayla Go"! We had to leave the game before it was over - apparently it went to double overtime and penalty kicks and her team lost by 1 point. The boys were so proud to cheer Kayla on!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Big Boy Bed

Ian is spending his first night in his new Big Boy Bed and he couldn't be more excited! I just finished painting today and Dave assembled the bed tonight. More pics of the room tomorrow, but for tonight, take a look at pure joy!