Tuesday, September 30, 2008

At least he's listening...

Some kids get really cranky when they get tired but not Ian! He cranks up the mischief, he's almost giddy with delight about his mischief.

Today, as I was shuffling Ian up to his much much much needed nap after school (5am, enough said), Ian was tearing through the downstairs turning on ever light switch he could find chanting (in the na na na nah nah tune) "I'm wasting power, I'm wasting power!"

At least he's listening to me...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Newsflash: Halloween had been moved to September!

Today is September 28 and all of our Halloween decorations are up. They boys are coloring pictures of bats and pumpkins. Every towel blanket becomes a ghost costume. Speaking of which, the costumes are long purchased. We even have our 'fake' light up pumpkins on the front porch wired to go on with the porch lights. All of this and it's not even October. Has is been so long since we've had a fun holiday that get to put it all out so early? Guess so!

Friday, September 26, 2008

And the word of the day is...

Trapping drills
Practicing steering the ball around people
Scrimmage time - blueberries vs pancakes (Ian got to do the kick off - he's in the center)
Mass chaos
Happy to be done!
Par-cip-i-tate!!! That's how Ian says 'participate', the word of the day.
Ian is in week 3 of soccer class at Indoor Goals right near our house. He's a bit unsure of himself and carries the ball as much as he kicks it, but today he participated for the whole 45 minutes without a meltdown - major success! (didn't hurt that brother was there to watch AND mom had an orange tootsie pop for a reward!)

Slumber party

Today is a Catholic School Holiday so Dave let the boys have a slumber party in Ian's room for the first time last night.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bad blogger!

I know, I know, I have been a blog slacker this past week. Really, we have just been settling into the routine of well, real life. For as long as Dave and I have been together, we have never had a traditional week - one with a weekend that you actually consider a weekend. Back in the day when he was running a dealership, we were lucky if he got two days off, not to mention two days back to back!
With Nate in his third week of school, we have really been able to settle into what we have always referred to as 'normal life'. We now look forward to a weekend to veg and play and relax. This past weekend we were able to go the Family Fun Night at our athletic club where Nate's karate class did a little demonstration for everyone. He has really come around from the stage fright he experienced when he first began and had the freak out of a lifetime at the yellow strip test (did I blog about that, I must have?! I cried as much as he did when we got home!)
On Saturday we invited over a new school friend that Nate has made who happens to live in the other half of our neighborhood. I am thrilled as I have visions of sending him off on his bike to play with a friend.
Ian had a fantastic week. All anxiety about school has been replaced by actual excitement. This has been a long time coming. Rather than cry about having to go, he is disappointed when it is not his day - which thrills me to no end. One day last week he went with me to take Nate in the morning and was surprised to see how his brother hops from the car and goes in school ALL ALONE! That day when I took him to school he begged me to let him get out at the curb just like brother did. NOT likely, but cute that he asked.
Tuesday was Ian's snack day and boy what a big deal that was. He chose to bring goldfish's ("plain mommy cuz some kids might not like the spicy ones") and gogurt. He got to be the line leader all day - a HUGE deal, and 'turn the clock' whatever that means.
Super Dave has been home the past two days with a bad, bad cold. We are keeping him quarantiened to the master sutie in hopes of avoiding the bug. I have cloroxed wiped every inch of the house.
Me? I am back at it with Southern Living and pleased to have a couple parties on the horizon. This time of year is my favorite as the fall catalog has such beatuiful decorations and holiday themes. I re-up'd my webiste - check it out at www.southernlivingathome.com/kellishuster!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Class Mascot

Nate never gave a darn about stuffed animals as a smaller child. He went through a phase in his 3's and 4s where he moderately attached himself to a toy or two, but mostly I think it was about bedtime drama and stalling. But I tell you what, send a stuffed toy home from school with the kid and you'd think the President of the United States were coming to visit (uh hum, well, maybe not Prez himself as in this house he is referred to as President Poopyhead; perhaps if Slash from Guns and Roses were coming over...)
Today Nate had the privilege of bringing home Casey the class bear. Casey comes with a bag and a journal and we get to document every tiny thing he does. Reading the journal is like the who's who of fun and interesting kids/parenting. Fortunately, we only have Casey for 1 night and he goes back to the next eagerly awaiting kindergartner tomorrow. Last year Nate's class had Barkley the dog - and Barkley after a time had clothes, toys, food and had been practically across the country by the end of the year. I think Barkley went on more vacations than I have in the past 5 years.
None the less, we drug Casey joined us for popsicles, a trip to visit Grandpa Stew at the cemetery and on a bike ride with Nate. We stayed up late working on the ever important journal. Tomorrow is a big day...the Casey download, 1st show and tell, 1st hot lunch and earn a ticket for a Free Dress Friday.

In other news, Ian stopped crying at drop off! Yay Ian! He was happy to join his class yesterday with no tears. AND, at pick up he was thrilled to report having done Head Shoulders Knees and Toes at lightning speed in music class. The campfires at home continue.

Monday, September 15, 2008

You or eye?

All day yesterday Ian played 'pretend campfire' in the bonus room.
On his way to bed he turned to me and said "Mom, I have to go to bed now. Can you keep a 'you' on it for me?"

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rest in Peace, Pa

Stew Sprenger 1945-2003

Today we remember my dad. I miss you Pa.

Friday, September 12, 2008


We made it through the first full week of school. I am happy to report that despite Nate 'hitting the wall' yesterday (I heard he wasn't the only one!) he is happy and making friends in his new class. It's fun to hear who he played with and the politics of the kindergarten class.

Ian started soccer class today in my attempt to get him a life of his own and some friends that don't come attached with Nate's buds (no offense, we LOVE the siblings of Nate's friends, but as the big boys are in school now it's time for him to make his own friends). He started out a bit clingy, but hopefully that anxiety will subside as he discovers that he can let go of mommy's leg from time to time and have some fun.

I took these shots earlier in the week - I think they capture the boys moods perfectly.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I remember

I remember where I was when the Challenger blew up.

I remember where I was when Diana died.

I remember where I was when JFK Jr.'s plane went down.

And I remember where I was when 9/11 happened.

And I can 't believe it has been 7 years...

7 years ago today, I was supposed to get on a plane - my entire company, then SmithKline Beehcam, was holding a conference in Los Vegas. I'd never been to Vegas.

I was in the shower about 5:45 am. Dave was still in bed listening to Howard Stern on the radio. I remember hearing him turn on the TV. I remember he came into the bathroom and said "I don't think your plane will be on time today, Kel, or you may not be going anywhere at all."

I remember at first, no on knew what was happening. I put on make-up, dried my hair and finished packing. All the while, the news was on, but the enormity of the attacks had not set in yet, to anyone. I remember exactly what I was wearing that day, right down to my shoes. Funny how that stuff sticks with you.

A short time later, my co worker Chris Zerwas was in the drive way to pick me up. As I recall, we still thought maybe we should head to the airport. One more check on the news. The second plane had hit, the Pentagon had been hit. We were going nowhere. I think I easily spent 12 hours on the couch that day watching news coverage over and over and over.

We didn't know anyone who died in the 9/11 attack, but we didn't have to. It was still horrific and tragic and sad. I still remember every detail of that day.

What do you remember? Leave a comment below if you so desire...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Not a tear was shed...

After - it's so short you can see his cute scalp mole

Have I mentioned ever that Ian has cried, sobbed, wiggled, screamed and carried on through every hair cut he has ever had - beginning when he was 9 months old? Well, he has. And it's been and exhausting task to get our spiffy hair cuts. Thank God for Kendall, the stylist supreme, hasn't given up on him. She's the best - she whispered, coaxed, tickled and bribed Ian right along with me, every 6 weeks for the past 2.5 years. 2 haircuts ago it stopped. Just like that. It stopped. And just in time. He was getting so big and strong I had been pinning him down and putting him in a headlock of sorts just to get the trim.

Then Nate started up. W-w-w-what? Nate, who doesn't give a darn what you do to him - teeth, nails, hair. Whatever, it was short lived.

So today was the day I have been waiting for for nearly 3 years. Quick, quiet, cute haircuts. Not tear was shed. I think Nate ate about 27 tootsie rolls but I don't even care. Both were happy and chatty and EASY. Finally. Kendall and I might jut have to go for a celebratory drink.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Second kid, First Day

Big boy, first day
Got my yellow tote bag from Mrs. Renn
Ella and spaceships to the rescue!
Ian started at Prince of Peace Preschool today! 3 year olds go 2 days a week for 2.5 hours at a time - that gives me just about 4.5 hours of kid-free time a week. Woo hoo! Despite a little drama at home before we left, Ian did fine, considering he cried at drop off all 9 months of school last year. Our saving grace is his friend Ella from school last year - they coincidentally ended up in class together this year and she is a Godsend! When Ella showed up today Ian said "Mom, if you ask Ella to play spaceships with me then I will stop crying." I did and he did (see pic)!
During special treat celebration lunch (Burger King, his choice) I asked Ian his top 5 things about his first day of school, here is what he said:

1. Playing space ships
2. Reading a story
3. Going to the gym
4. Snack time
5. Lining up and lining up and lining up and lining up

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ian was there too...

Poor Ian has been left out on the blog a lot lately (there's that second child syndrome popping up again!) what with kindergarten starting for Nate and all of these big boy activities. Ian, of course was on the beach trip as well. We shell hunted, practiced a little karate on our own and the highlight of the day - digging big holes in the sand. Hours and hours of entertainment. Later in the day his BFF Lauren joined us on the beach and for dinner at the campsites.

We had a terrible time all day fighting off mosquitoes - they particularly loved to come after sweet Ian, and he ran around all day trying to fight off "burskeetos" with a balloon sword.

Gasshuku at Cape Lookout

Gasshuku - Training Camp

Yesterday we got up a the crack of dawn to go to a day of Gasshuku on the beach at Cape Lookout. Nate's sensi Guido, organized his third annual camp out and training at the beach. We arrived at 9am and the day began with 3 hours of basics, kata, and kumite on the beach. The Little Dragons, (there were about a half dozen of them) took a few 10 minute breaks, but other wise worked their tails off with the advanced class and the juniors. The kata finished at noon with the traditional Mae Geri (front kick) into the ocean. The whole training was FUN to watch!
Let me tell you this - while it was 85 and sunny in P'town, a mere 70 miles west at the coast we were socked in with fog and chill - about 55 degrees all day. Nate did his very best to get into that ocean, but by about his knees, he was chattering and in pain. I ran in to grab him and boy did that cold water sting!

We were invited to the campsites to spend the day eating and socializing. Thank God for the hot showers!!!