Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No longer a baby boy...

So Ian "my body is my temple" Shuster has decided to give up diapers. (for those of you who don't know Ian well, this is a HUGE thing. Ian hates to mess with anything that has to do with his body - hates hair - washing, combing, cutting; hates to have his nails cut; fights brushing teeth; hates diaper changes, but runs screaming from the thought of underpants.)
So Sunday morning comes. It's warm and sunny and the big boys are off to California to visit the Shuster's and Petroi's for a couple days. Ian took a bath and refused to get dressed. Fine by me. About 45 mintues after his bath he comes tearing into my room saying he needs go sit on the potty! Woo hoo! We are now 4 days into it and he has only had 1 pee accident (which came that same morning after we went outside to play.) I am beyond proud and thrilled with the progress he has made. He even went at school this morning - and was sure to have his teacher remind me so he can get his two treats at home.
One for sittin'.
One for goin'.

Oops, save the best for last - forgot to BLOG day 5

Sunday was our fifth and final day at Disneyland. The boys woke up to find special gifts left overnight by their favorite Disney friends (a little magic cooked up by mom and dad). Disney tee shirts and stuffed animals were left by Pluto for Nate, and Minnie for Ian. They were over the top that the characters might have stopped by while they were sleeping (or mom made a midnight run to Downtown Disney). So next we started the morning out right with our Character Breakfast at Goofy's kitchen, which was located right outside our hotel. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Chef Pluto, who after 4 days was Nate's guy. After loading up with the silliest breakfast food ever - the boys had mickey mouse waffles, maccaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets along with pb and j pizza and lots of junk, we were treated to charater visits at our table every few minutes. Goofy, Chip, Dale, Baloo and some random princess all paid us a visit. Funny story about the princess - we have boys. We have no idea who any non-big time princess is (ie after Snow White and Cinderella we are about clueless). So the furry characters don't talk. The come up, pat, wiggle, high five, get a picture and leave. The princess though, she stopped to chit chat. Dave and I had no idea who she was and what movie she was from. The boys were frozen in their chairs. Finally, I suggested maybe Dave would like to have a picture with here since the boys were being shy. He happily obliged. Upon arriving home I checked in with a school mom at Nate's school - she has twin girls who themselves look like princesses - it was Belle from Beauty and the Beast, in her 'plain' clothes. Whew!
Back to the park to ride all our favorites again. I especially enjoyed this afternoon becuase after Ian fell asleep in the stroller after lunch, I got to ride with Nate on some of his favorites and experience him. He's hysterical - arms way up in the air throught the whole roller coaster ride telling me not to be scared.
We left the park about 2:30 and high tailed it back to the hotel to immediately jump on a bus to the airport. Not a minute was wasted.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Day 4: We're going down South

Day 4 begins as one would expect in California - sunny and warm. We had prebooked an all day excursion to Sea World for a change of scenery and to avoid the busiest day of the week at Disney (not that any of the days were all that busy). Upon arrival we took in the Shamu show "Believe" and had a boxed lunch.
We toured the park all day, taking in two more shows - the Dolphin Discovery, and Clyde and Seamore's Risky Rescue (featuring a seal, sea lion and a big, pink, ugly walrus). We had some touch and feel experiences with star fish and bat rays. Ian was more than happy to plunk his hands in the cold water and touch anything. Nate was more tentative, as usual, with the animals (takes after his mom I guess!) Ian loved to feed the rays which are like smaller, non-lethal sting rays.
We also checked out the flamingos (fafingos to Ian), the shark exibit (Nate's favorite, especailly the tunnel of sharks you can walk in that has you 'under' water), and some barking seals. Two rides completed our day: the Historical Sky Tower which takes you up 320 feet in a a gigantic circular elevator, and the gondola ride.
It was no wonder the boys passed out on the bus ride home. It was a long and busy day!