Sunday, July 11, 2010

This is how we do it

Summer has arrived. Finally. After one of the wettest June's and springs on record, it's finally here. And we are fully taking advantage.
We joined the local health/racket club this spring and the best part is the wonderful outdoor pool system they have. The kids spend hours dipping between the pools, hot tub, slide and fountains. The first best part is they allow you to bring in all the food and beverages you want - including alcohol! We have been there for all afternoon swimming and dinner the past 3 nights! The second best part is that the boy come home absolutely exhausted at the end of the night!

Monday, July 5, 2010


Happy 4th of July! We started the holiday weekend with the annual trip to Hillsboro for the Happy Days parade - aka the Hillsboro Hard Candy Parade. The boys have the parade wave down and are showered (and often pelted) with handfuls of star mint and butterscotch candy, the occasional tootsie roll or smarties pack mixed in. It's the same every year -I only care about the Reeser's float which throws beef sticks and the Hank's giant shopping cart which throws mini loaves of bread!
We went to a bbq last night and came back home for Pyro-time. THe boys made the trip to Vancouver during the week to buy the 'real' fireworks for our backyard display. Nate was particularly excited about the Blizzard and Ian loved the Bat fireworks that flew up in the air (super safe - not! Thank goodness it just rained because one is on our roof and one is in a large tree!)
Milestone - the boys wanted to stay up until midnight and we let them! Crazy parents - we must have had way too much to drink! Both literally hit the pillow like zombies. We'll see how this day goes.
This morning we wake to a nice burned spot in the grass and the carnage of the leftover shells. Totally worth it!