Sunday, August 30, 2009

This is how stuff ends up on You Tube

So there we are, hanging out in our chairs at the airshow. Ian starts talking to the little boy sitting behind us - he's probably about 3 1/2. They are discussing the upcoming Robosaurus.

Little Boy "I know how big the Robosaurus is, it's this big (holding hands wide apart)."

Ian: "No, I know how big the Robosaurus is, it's this big, all the way down to Hell. Do you know where Hell is? It's down here all the way under the grass... (stomping feet on ground). And he looks like he is as big as hell." (he does have a point)

At this point, the mom is nervously laughing and the people in front of us are intrigued - and turn around with their video camera rolling.

Mom "Ian, it's not nice to talk like that...uh, uh, uh..."

Ian: "Mom, hell is not a bad word. Its a place. So I can say Hell because that's what I know..."

Guess he told me. It's so hard not to laugh sometimes.

What is it about 4? Or is it just Ian? He LOVES to find a way to say words that make mommy irritated! We were watching TV a bit ago and he there was a Geico commercial, you know, the one with the Gecko. And the little reptile was talking about No Hassles, or something like that. Sure enough, Ian pipes up "Hey Mommy, that guy said No Assholes!" Over and over and over.

Right into the Danger Zone

For DAYS now we have been running outside every time we hear "jet thunder". Finally today it was our turn to attend the Oregon International Airshow. This headliner this year was the US Air Force Thunderbirds, although, if you asked the boys, they only slightly outweighed the Robosaurus that picked up, crushed and burned 3 old beater cars (Cash for Clunkers, anyone?) It was hotter than h-e-l-l out there sitting in the sun all day, but we had plenty of water and Popsicles to keep us nice and sticky and momentarily cool.
I should also mention that I will be winning the Mom-of-the-Year Award. When we left for the show this morning it was completely overcast, windy and cool. I packed sweatshirts instead of sunscreen (even though I checked the forecast and it said high of 80 degrees today.) I never believe those guys - they've been wrong for days. It rained off and on all day yesterday - how should I know!?! Daddy to the rescue, he bought my poor sweating, squinting babies some new sunglasses (with flames, no less) and a second pair of industrial ear muffs! We're all a little crispy tonight, but we'll live.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cool Beans!

First ever Ben and Jerry's store cone - Cherries Garcia for Ian!
(And I just stole a bite of Daddy's cone!)
Cookie dough and Brownie Batter for Nate and Dave!

Ian's very well nurtured pumpkin
To-mah-toes. Finally ripening.
Our only two peppers - at least that makes it worth the cost of the plant.
Every 2-3 days we harvest our bean and carrots. Think it's time to get out the foodsaver!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Open Wide!

I am so far behind on blogging. I will probably catch up someday soon, but for now, let's just start with the event of the week...Ian's first dental appointment. We prepared the night before by reading our Spongebob Goes to the Dentist book, and Nate pulled his own loose tooth. That was #5 for Nate.

Ian went third at the appointment. He watched me closely while I was getting my teeth cleaned and told our hygienist, Mary, "I'm think I am going to skip that part" about just about everything she did. When it came time for his turn, he had Taco the dog go first, then happily hopped into the chair and let Mary, count, rinse and dry his teeth a few times. She decided that we'd made big progress for the day and that was it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fish On!

Day 1, fish one coming right up
The one that almost got away -this one almost swam away with the pole.

Like and old pro
Ian's first keeper!
Gotta earn our keep. Grandma gets to keep the fish.
Dave and boys out being pulled by cousin Peggy's jet ski!
Rock on!
Mom's turn!

We are back from 2 weeks in Idaho. Two weeks with out wifi and an really, dial up has gotten much slower over the past 10 years, I am convinced of it. I gave up on checking email and blogging. But we are back so get ready.

We arrived and were on the lake in minutes. The first several days were jam packed with boating, fishing and swimming. Day 1 Ian caught the first little lake trout off the boat launch dock. It took hours of casting and danging for one little fish. By day 2 we were on our cousin Greg's dock when I decided enough is enough. No more salmon eggs, garlic marshmallows and fancy lures - we are going back to basics. The boys and I dug some good old Idaho earth worms from Donna's garden and lo and behold -fish!!! Nate had his first fish on within 30 seconds (and that pole also ended up in the lake as we have gotten so lazy we just baited a pole and left it sitting on the dock.) Greg to the rescue and the boys had their first fish, and second, and third, and fourth......!!!