Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Day, a much more reasonable hour

We headed north to Seattle for some cousin time.
And got to open presents all over again!

Ian and his beloved puppies

Grandma got everyone really cool headlamps that are great for playing secret agent spy's or whatever it is that they are doing when they run and hide all over the house!

Christmas Day (or really stinking early morning!)

Santa left a note regarding the big gift this year - a basketball hoop - it didn't fit in the sleigh and will be delivered later.
Stocking time
N. and I. got matching Clone Trooper helmets

Ian's #1 item, the Indiana Jones "whipper".

The "hard to find" LEGO X-Wing fighter was #1 on Nate's list

Batman shirt, must wear immediately.

Modeling the helmet.

Yes! Clothes! Really, is this my child getting excited about clothes?!?

The aftermath.

Eve Eve

Ian too!

Santa made a surprise visit. What's funny is we were on the computer on the Santa tracker when he came in. Apparently it takes only 3 seconds to get from Eastern Canada to Grandma's house.

Santa brought books and gave really great advice.

What's in this huge box, Grandma Jan?

Why, its a real tee pee! Oh, and Aunt Cindy brought the coolest Batman Swords that make real clink clink sounds.

We almost forgot the cookies and carrots for Santa, but Ian remembered at the last minute - that, or he was just stalling to get out of bed.

Eve Day (sorry for the delay, bad internet this week)

I told em Santa won't leave toys for stinky boys. They wanted to bathe in the dark...
Opening a couple early to take the edge off.

New Wii games!

Post mass presents from Grandma...

We are so excited for Christmas. Bring on the party!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sledding Superstars

Dozens of kids sled on the hill behind our backyard.

Nate and his buddy .

The prime launch spot is an ice ramp that some kids built earlier in the week. It makes for a fast start.

Dave and Nate make a trip down on the 'taxi'.

Arctic Blast 2008 (que dramatic news music)

10-ish inches
Backyard wonderland

Remember this poor guy?

Ian, chief in charge of shoveling the walk, can barely walk in some places

Dunh dunh dunhhhhhh...it's the worst storm in nearly 40 years. 6 inches of snow covered by a quarter inch of ice covered by 4 more inches of snow. It's arctic blast 2008. Roads are closed, businesses are closed, but in-between going stir crazy, we're having a blast. We're thankful that we have two 4 wheel drive vehicles, 3 sleds and a stocked bar. We haven't lost power (yet) and other than a big chin scrape and some sore bums, no major sledding injuries.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Whoa, Snow!


6 plus inches today - and its still going. Not a big deal in some parts of the country but RARE for the Pacific NW. Mega sledding today, more tomorrow for sure.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Adventures in Downtown

This year's 75 foot-er
City sidewalks, busy sidewalks


On the bricks with Daddy - there are more than 71, 165 named bricks in the square

With the "Allow Me" Bronze man statue. We didn't need his umbrella today.

Along with visiting Santa while downtown, we visited Pioneer Courthouse Square aka Portland's Living Room and saw one gigantic Christmas tree. It was nice to be out and about since we have been holed up at home having snow days and no school. Can you see all the snow? Sure looks like a snow day to me! (that's sarcastic, big time!) Here we are hamming it up for the camera.

I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas....

We had an awesome visit today with the Pioneer Place Mall Santa. This was our first dual-smile Santa pic! Nate and Ian happily hopped up on Santa's lap and shared their lengthy picture lists with him. Nate's was all Lego stuff and Ian's was a hodgepodge of things he had cut from the Toys R Us toy catalog. They also gave Santa pictures that they had drawn for him which he kept. WE love this Santa. Because he is downtown and it's a weekday, Santa is all alone just waiting for kids to come visit him. He talked to the boys at length about being good and going to bed on time and listening to mom and dad! What a guy!