Sunday, April 25, 2010

Titan Run 2010

First Grade hitting the field On your marks, get set, go! (Nate, far right with one foot on rocks)

Staying focused

Mom joined in for every 5th lap

Finished! Not so bad!

Titan Run 2010 was held Friday! First grade was super excited and lead in fundraising efforts. (doesn't help that first grade moms were the committee, including yours truly). It was a perfectly sunny, 60 degree day.
The first graders ran for 1 hour. Nate the Great ran 21 laps. Let's keep in mind that 5 laps make a mile. Astonishing! No way mom or dad could have kept up with that. We are super proud and thankful to every one who supported this Holy Trinity Fundraiser. All funds go to support the school, pay for books and other items necessary to make HT a great place to learn.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter, a little late

Nate's fancy egg dying technique

Ian making red and blue

Grandma offering support

Nate and Mom; photo by Ian
Family pic - these are hard to come by!