Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Hey Kids - We have a Secret!

Last Wednesday we picked the kids up from school at lunch time. We told them that since it was a 4 day weekend, we thought we would start it a little early. An hour later, we got in Grandma's car to do "do something fun" and 30 minutes later we were at the airport.
We are going to Disneyland!
Nate was thrilled. Ian cried. Then Nate convinced Ian that it would be fun and Ian was thrilled too.
And that was the beginning of our surprise, whirlwind 4 day Disney vacation.
And it was AWESOME!
And exhausting!

First day in park. Everything is decked out in Fall and Halloween. Its gorgeous! We took this exact same picture 2 1/2 years ago when the boys were 2 1/2 and almost 5. Feels like a lifetime ago.
Matterhorn - a favorite ride. We love roller coasters.
40 inches. The magic number. This time, Ian was tall enough to ride everything but Indiana Jones and California Screamin' (at California Adventure). He LOVED Space Mountain - themed Ghost Galaxy for Halloween. Unbelievable- many adults close their eyes for this one.

The Haunted Mansion was all decked out for Halloween. This was a must do (twice) on day 1.

We had fun meeting characters (well, I kind of force the issue. I love the character pictures!) ?Most 'fuzzies' had Halloween costumes on. We met Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Woody and Army Guys, Chip and Captain Hook. Dave regrets not getting a picture with Pocahontas.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Great Green Pumpkin Patch

After one of the crappiest summers in recent history, this was an ideal fall day to go to the Pumpkin Patch. Unfortunately, due to one of the crappiest summers in recent history, the pumpkins paid the price!

None the less, we headed out today to Lakeview farms in near 70 degree temps to stand in long lines, ride the short train and wander aimlessly thru fields of green pumpkins. All in all it was a nice afternoon. And then we went to Haagen and bought some nice perfect orange pumpkins, probably imported!