Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

Five Guys, literally

Our friends the Ross-Mayer's invited us to a Five Guys go to Five Guys lunch date. The boys (Kyle, Brendan, Zach, Nate and Ian) were happy for a return trip so soon! We had the same experience as the last time - loud, messy and fun (and I learned my lesson - a 'little burger' is plenty!) This time it was fun to listed to the worker 'guys' call off every time someone came it the restaurant: Main Guy: "4 in the door!!!" followed by the remaining kitchen Guys: "4 in the door!!!!"

It's never too soon

It's never to soon to get ready for a holiday in this house! Nate and Ian decided that yesterday was the perfect day to get out the kid decor for their rooms (lights) and set up the tree up in the playroom. Their tree is well suited to them -Star Wars, Sesame Street and Diego ornaments.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Two guys loved Five Guys

There's a new heart attack restaurant in town - it's called Five Guys Burger and Fries, originally from Washington DC.

We first noticed it being built when Nate went to open his new savings account - it's right next door to On Point Credit Union. Let's pray those On Pointer's have a good health insurance plan!

The decor is simple: bright red and white checker board, everywhere. You order at the counter and behind it is the kitchen, open and easy to see. There were far more that '5 guys' making food - more like 15. And it's loud, really loud. Loud rock music, shouting from cashier to cooks and cooks to customers when orders are up. Every so often the whole kitchen bellows in unison- we couldn't figure out why this was but I am sure a return trip of two will clear it right up.

The burgers are HUGE! Nate had a 'little burger' that had to be AT LEAST a 1/4 patty. My regular burger was easily a 1/2 lb. It was so huge and dripping with my condiment choices (of which I got to pick from a list of like 15 - this is Dave's kind of place!), I could barely fit it in my mouth. Ian got a gigantic hot dog that fortunately, was sliced in half. Hello, choking hazard!

All of the food comes in a grease stained brown paper bag, regardless of whether not you are taking it to go. The grease comes from the easily double portion of fries dumped into the bag on top of the already overflowing Styrofoam cup. Oh, and the peanuts. I forgot to mention the peanuts. This was probably the boys favorite part - they have huge cases of whole peanuts that you can shell, eat and sweep to the floor. Nate and Ian probably enjoyed dancing on top of the shells more than anything.

After my arteries recover, we'll go back again.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Worn Out

Nate took this picture of Ian today. We are transitioning into no naps but it's a long road. If he naps, he stays up late (in bed, bedtime is still 8pm) and for the past month or so has been waking up in the 5's. With no nap, we struggle through the afternoon and often find Ian asleep in the middle of an activity. Slowly but surely we will get there.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

An email for Nate

Hi Nate

I was meaning to talk to you on Tuesday to let you know that i would really like you to come and train in the advanced little dragons class. You have been training so hard and been so focused and progressed so much that in my opinion you are definitely ready for the advanced class. So hopefully i will see you at 4:30 today. I have already adjusted my class roster and put your name in the advanced class.

See you later

Sensei Guido

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We have a winner

At bedtime tonight (about 7:45pm) Nate said "Mom, wake me up when Barak wins for president." We've been watching the coverage and polls all day. He understands electoral votes and polling.
I just went in and told him. He was 3/4 asleep, but managed to pop his head up and say "really mom, how many points so far?"
"Looks like 297 at this point Nate,"
"Oh my gosh," he said, "Boo McCain."

Sunday, November 2, 2008

13th kyu - Blue

Saturday Nate earned his 13th kyu in the art of Shotokan-do (also known as his blue stripe). Sensi Guido took a moment to tell the audience how impressed he is with Nate's sudden interest in form and his awesome focus of the sport - I've noticed it too. It's like a light switch has gone off in his head and all of the sudden the details of the moves have really made sense to him. Very proud!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat...Event #4

Super heros unite!
Ian, Nate, Sam, Andrew

Nate's ghost, Ian's OooBama

So ready to go!

The race to the first house

Look at all this loot!

A mighty haul!
Sorting the stash with Dillon (friend from HT)

Trick or Treating was a blast and couldn't have been better. After a day of pouring rain, it dried out and warmed to about 60 degrees and couldn't have been nicer. Sam and Andrew came to town, and friend Dillon from HT joined us to round the 'hood. It was a surprisingly quiet night here, we saw less TrT'ers than normal. The boys collected a bounty in no time. We started at 6, Ian was out by 6:45pm, ready to go home and start eating. The rest continued on until about 7:30. Nate came home and immediately sorted and categorized his candy. And to this very moment, he hasn't eaten a single piece. Says he is saving it. For what, I am not sure.

Ian loves the ladies...Event #3

Ian, always surrounded by beautiful girls...