Monday, January 11, 2010

Few and Far between

As I got deeper and deeper into this whole working world my time to myself do do things like oh, cook, laundry, and blog are fewer and farther between. Stick with us...

D: Super dad-ing and super realtor-ing. Finding the true balance between work and home, and yes, the dishwasher does get full EVERY DAY!

K: Out of training and sloshing through the world of cold calling and outside sales. Oh, you just hung up on me? No biggie, I'll call you back in 6 months. Not sure where the thick skin comes from but it'll do for now. Hanging tough and getting out in front of clients. Got stuck in the car during a recent spontaneous snowstorm - for 7 hours- with my boss.

N: Always the funny stories from one of the boys - this time it's Nate. Last night Nate was invited to yet another Blazer game with his buddy Cole. It was the dad's turn so Dave went along. This was probably the 5th or so game this year - he could tell you. Anyway, the goal is always to get on the Jumbotron, the gigantic TV at center court. The boys dress the part, wave stuffed fingers, stand on their chairs and cheer like nobody's business. Last night Nate and Cole got on the Jumbotron for the first AND second time! Nate's comment to Dave? "Hey dad, that kid on the Jumbotron is wearing the same shirt as me!" Look again son, it IS you! Today Nate had a trip to the dentist to have a cavity filled. Poor kid has inherited my cramped jaw. His little teeth are tight together, a cavity nightmare. Better start saving for braces now! He did great. Doesn't remember a thing and thought the whole experience was pretty darn neat. Thanks nitrous oxide! Nate's comment to me when he got home? "I wish it was a gold tooth; that would be so cool!"

I: Started "Pre-kindergarten" two days a week (aka YMCA daycare). In true Ian style he hates it but ultimately I think it will be a good thing for him to make some more friends and get out and about more while Daddy works. Still into Taco the dog, trying to convince Grandma to get him a puppy, Charlie and Lola and infomercials. Ian may have a future as a pitchman. "Mom, Emery Cat let's your cat file its own claws and if you call right now...!" We don't even have a cat.

Jumbotron, from a previous game

Look Ma, half my face is dead!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chirstmas at TLC, NYE at home

Have hat, will party!
Ian and his friend getting ready to ring in the new year

Our Charlie Brown Christmas tree at TLC

Dave's cabin tin can practice
Christmas eve concert, brought to you by N, I, S and A

Santa knew just what Ian wanted
Nate's new favorite game