Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thunderbolts - Division Champs

This winter we were able to play on a team of all HT kids (plus 2) which was great. These guys have been playing together since K and think they are hot stuff. All in all it was a fun season to watch as we are starting to enter the years of the beginnings of play, fake passes and great fast breaks. The Thunderbolts, as they named themselves, were undefeated and won the division champs for the 7/8 year old category.

Waaaaay behind!

Bringing it up the court

Well, this poor blog has kind of died on the vine, hasn't it.

The curse of a busy mom, working parents, two kids, two teams, too much to do.

First, let's talk about Ian and his first ever team sport experience.
Ian just completed his first season of basketball. He played on a k-1 team that included 3 friends from his school. Ian, not surprisingly, was the smallest child on the team by far. And, as the season started, the most clueless. But in all honesty, he probably made the most progress. Ian went from game 1 - standing lost at center court for nearly the entire game, to averaging 12 baskets, a rebound and a steal every game. We are super proud of the little guy and he is pretty dang proud of himself as well.

Up next: T-ball.