Saturday, August 14, 2010


5 years ago...
(and Ian pointed out 'airplanes' - Nate's blanket - is still there.)

Adventure time - The Big Explore

There's an old logging road and old camp down below the TLC property. Adventure time is on and the boys like to go look for Lost Treasure. This trip we found some OLD fishing lures and flies and gloves.

Adventure Time - Hitting the open water

Our ride has arrived
The littlest captain

A little sea sick - or just drama
Grandma the tour guide
Best snuggler
Self portrait
First mate Nate
Fishing with very little result - actually, result
What kind of buoy?

Adventure Time - Campfires with Grandma

The Log Cabin = S'mores.

Adventure Time - Fishing the lake

First night, feeling all right~

Back from Idaho for a week now and finally getting some pics up. Get ready for a photo frenzy and we'll get all caught up...